10 Best Places For Jobs

10 best places for jobs We looked at Money’s top 100 Best Places to Live and found these lucky towns that also enjoy jobless rates far below the 10% national average.

1. Cass County, N.D. Towns include:

West Fargo Best Places to Live rank: 81 Unemployment rate: 3.4% The home of Fargo is not nearly as eerie as the Coen Brothers would have you believe. It’s actually a bustling community with friendly neighbors and job opportunities. “People do not move here because of the nightlife or the weather,” explains Brian Walters, president of the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation. “The main selling points are good jobs, low unemployment and a welcoming community feeling.” According to Walters, new job opportunities are luring more families to the northern state. Cass County is the central hub for the surrounding area’s health care, retail, manufacturing and educational needs. While the biggest employers have traditionally been concentrated in farm and construction equipment manufacturing, tech companies like Microsoft are now breaking ground alongside John Deere and Bobcat.

2. Madison County, Neb. Towns include:

Norfolk Best Places to Live rank: 98 Unemployment rate: 3.9% Things haven’t changed much in Madison County since Johnny Carson claimed it as his home. The main street in Norfolk is still mostly a cluster of family-owned businesses and the larger economy remains heavily rooted in health care and manufacturing. The biggest employers include Faith Regional Health Services, Affiliated Foods Midwest, Tyson Fresh Meats and Nucor steel plant. “One of the key components to why businesses stay in the area is the work ethic,” according to Christian Ohl, membership director at the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce. “I don’t know if it’s the Midwestern mentality but I think a lot of people want to work hard and feel a sense of accomplishment.”

3. Platte County, Neb. Towns include:

Columbus Best Places to Live rank: 99 Unemployment rate: 4% New technologies and an old-fashioned way of life intersect in Platte. The large manufacturing base still remains intact, thanks to the support of new businesses drawn to the area’s low wage rates, electricity prices and inexpensive real estate. Today, folks are largely employed by medical equipment company Becton Dickinson, Behlen Manufacturing and Archer Daniels Midland, which runs an ethanol plant there. “Before this recession we had 1,000 jobs open that we couldn’t fill and we were going out and recruiting people. Right now we have about 200 jobs open. It’s certainly not as bad as other parts of the country,” said Columbus Mayor Mike Moser.

4. Sarpy County, Neb.Towns include:

Papillion Best Places to Live rank: 3 Unemployment rate: 4.7% It doesn’t hurt when the largest employer in the state is located in your county and is keeping nearly 10,000 civilians and military personnel employed. But Sarpy isn’t just about the Offutt Air Force Base, or the surrounding military contractors for that matter. Paypal’s service center also provides thousands of residents with well paying jobs, while spillover from the neighboring city of Omaha has spurred an influx of new restaurants, shops and big box stores like Kohl’s, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s, bringing many additional job opportunities to this former commuter county. “Because of the diverse economy we haven’t seen the jobs drop off,” explained Toby Churchill, executive director Sarpy county economic development corporation.Copyright

5. Dallas County, Iowa Towns include:

Urbandale Best Places to Live rank: 42 Unemployment rate: 4.7% One thing Iowa has always had plenty of is land, and with that has come an abundance of farms followed by an increase in the number of agricultural and bioscience companies. Now warehouses and industrial parks are flocking to the area. While agriculture and small town living remains the backbone of the community, today’s top employers include Wells Fargo and life insurance provider Aviva USA. Because of that balance, Dallas remained somewhat sheltered from the financial fallout last year. “There was a little bit of flatlining that occurred but we saw very little layoffs,” according to Linda Schaut, executive director of the Greater Dallas County Development Alliance.

6. Grafton County, N.H.Towns include:

Hanover Best Places to Live rank: 50 Unemployment rate: 5.1% When one of the county’s major thoroughfares is the Appalachian Trail, then you know you’ve reached a place where there’s a premium on fresh air and scenic values. But that doesn’t mean residents don’t work hard. Aside from the booming tourism industry, education and high-tech medical firms provide support and job opportunities for the community. Top employers include Dartmouth College, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center as well as Glycofi, Mascoma Corp. and Adimab. And not to underestimate its roots, many also still make a living off of farming and wood manufacturing from the surrounding woodlands.

7. Dane County, Wis.Towns include:

Middleton Best Places to Live rank: 4 Unemployment rate: 5.2% At the heart of Dane County is the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and from there flows a highly skilled and educated workforce. Initiatives between the college and the county have fostered many local businesses and start up companies that, in return, provide jobs for those in the community. In addition to the university, the Wisconsin state government is the area’s other biggest employer. But recently, the economy has moved away from government-centered jobs as more biotech health services companies, including Covance, Epic Systems and Meriter Health Services, moved in to support the university’s hospital and medical school.

8. Boulder County, Colo. Towns include:

Superior Best Places to Live rank: 13 Unemployment rate: 5.3% At the heels of the Rocky Mountains is the beautiful county of Boulder. While many people come for the University of Colorado, graduates stay because of the plentiful job opportunities. Tech firms including IBM, Sun Microsystems and Ball Aerospace are some of Boulder’s top employers. IBM recently announced that it’s adding another 500 jobs, mostly at the call center at its Boulder facility. Outside of the city, the area’s rich agricultural history remains largely unchanged with active farms and mining towns that date back to the 1800s.

9. Roanoke County, Va. Towns include:

Cave Spring Best Places to Live rank: 89 Unemployment rate: 5.6% Don’t underestimate this popular retirement community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks to the Carilion Health Clinic, a number of nursing facilities and a large hospital, job opportunities are thriving. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a boom or bust time,” said economic development specialist Joe Zielinski. “People come here for the jobs.” Even outside the health care arena, banking, defense contractors and insurance companies provide thousands of additional jobs for working families. Some of the area’s top employers include Wachovia, Allstate Insurance and ITT Night Vision.

10. Saline County, Ark. Towns include: Bryant Best Places to Live rank:

86 Unemployment rate: 5.7% You may not be able to buy a beer in this dry county, but you can likely get a job. Saline County has benefitted from its proximity to both the urban center of Little Rock and the recreational retreat of Hot Springs. That, plus a low crime rate and great schools has drawn many families to the area. But it’s not just a nice place to live. Saline’s job market is supported by emerging industries like health care, even as the traditional aluminum mining industry has taken some blows. A new regional airport and industrial park are also broadening the area’s appeal to other businesses as well. “We’ve lost jobs, there’s no getting around that. We just haven’t felt it as bad as other parts of the country,” said Senator Shane

(sources : cnn.com)


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